Missionary Outreach

a group of children holding a sign in front of a building

In April of 2020 I met a Christian woman who helped to rescue 35 children off the streets in Pakistan. They were found rummaging in garbage cans looking for scraps of food to eat or plastic to sell to survive. Many of these children had been abandoned by their parents. I wanted to do something to help and so I launched the Bread of Life Ministry. I started a GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds to feed 35 children a week. An additional $90/mo was needed to cover housing costs.

The food costs are now covered and the house the children have been staying in has been bought and paid for! Here are the children.

a group of children sitting on a blanket in front of a house
a group of children posing for a picture
a group of children are standing in front of a house
a group of children are gathered in front of a building

After months of drinking dirty water I was finally able to secure a water pump to provide clean drinking water for these beautiful children. Their response was incredible. I’ve never seen them so happy!

Children receiving food. One of the young girls saying God bless you to me. So precious.

Bibles for Pakistan

a group of people holding up laptops in a classroom

Shortly after I started to help with providing food for the orphans, I was made aware of the tremendous need for Bibles in the Urdu language for the 5% of the population who identify with the Christian religion. These people are hungry for the Word of God, more so than their physical food. My friend told me that she knew of a very honorable man that I could purchase Bibles from and put me in touch with him. I was very impressed by the honesty and character of this man. Below are the first two boxes of Bibles I purchased from him.

The cost of one complete Bible in Urdu is $7. The following videos are from 3-27-21. Nearly 80 people showed up at this Bible giveaway program, however we only had enough Bibles for 30 people. The others have been added to our waiting list which has now grown to 835 people.

I had the opportunity to speak via a voice over translator to several people who came to hear me give an introduction to the Bible. Wow, I didn’t expect this many people to show up! What a blessing that was.

Bread of Life Ministry Team

a group of people posing for a picture in front of a stage

Our ministry team in Pakistan has grown to a group of 30 dedicated people both young and old. Their mission is to go out into the surrounding towns and villages to find others and invite them to come to our Bible give away meetings. The meetings consist of prayer, worship, the reading of the Scriptures and then the handing out of Bibles. Below are some videos taken from these programs.

One of our latest programs.


“I salute you all in the name of God. We are very happy for today's program. Today we are going to give you Bibles. The director of our ministry is my brother Robert, he is working very hard for the Bread of Life Ministry, getting donations to make these programs possible. Please promise to God that you will read this Bible with full faith and when you read in full faith God will change your life very quickly. You will be most happy! God has filled our life too and today we are very happy that we are distributing the Word of God among our people. And I want to tell those who are left that very soon you will also receive a Bible.”

a group of people standing in front of a cross
a box of books sitting on a bed in a room

Our latest order for 570 more Bibles to be handed out due to a generous donation we received. (July 2021)

Started delivering these Bibles to the hundreds of people who have been on our waiting list waiting to receive one. The first 100 Bibles were handed out at the program below.

a group of people sitting on the floor holding up books

The next morning (7/31/21), we started going door to door to personally deliver Bibles into peoples homes who were on the waiting list. They were so happy and grateful for this great gift! 300 Bibles were delivered in 3 hours! The women in the first video started crying with happiness and was saying “this is the biggest gift of my life I have received today.”

Below you can see the horrible conditions Christians are forced to live in Pakistan. This tour was by a person I recently met who also has an outreach in Pakistan.


Stories shared with me from my ministry partner of peoples lives that have been greatly changed since they started reading the Bible.


I got a call from this lady today and she was telling me “I have a wound on my chest that has not been healing for a long time and has given me a lot of pain. I want to be healed. I took many medicines but nothing helped. As soon as I received the Bible from you I read the first page and I told God that I will start reading this Bible with full faith every day.” The woman said that she closed her eyes and started to pray. “I cried and prayed to God with full faith and when I opened my eyes after praying, I put my hand on the place of my pain, and my wound was completely healed!”


a man and a woman standing next to each other

I want to tell you the very good news of one of the people whom we have given a Bible to a few days ago. He used to drink a lot of alcohol and beat his wife very much, but as soon as he took the Bible from us and he started

reading the Bible and praying. God changed this man's life and this man promised to God that “after

today I will never drink alcohol. And i will love my wife so much. Most importantly I will love God and do the works of God.” My dear brother this is a big testimony in my life because your Bible project has changed the lives of many Christian families in Pakistan.

God Bless you so much!

Praise the Lord

Amen 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


When all the people went back to their village they told everyone about the gift of a Bible they received. And there in the village were two men who drank too much. I got a call from there and they said that they do not know what happened to their hearts but that the people said to them that they want to stop drinking from today. The people of that village have told me that “we want to change our life too by going to receive a Bible.” They suddenly said that “after today we will not do any bad thing and we need Bibles. We want to spend all of our time always with the Lord.”


We got a call from a person today who was at our last program a few days ago. He told me that we had given him the Bible and he was saying that I have a brother who did not speak when he was born, he was dumb.

First he fasted for 1 day and before he ended his fast he called his brother and asked him to sit on his knees on the ground. Then the man told me that he put the Bible on his head and he started praying with his mouth towards the sky in a very loud voice.

And the man said that when he was praying to God with full faith a slight sound was heard in the man's ear saying “your brother's tongue is cured he can speak now.” And when that man finished his prayers he told his brother to speak and three words came out of his mouth ... “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”.

When i heard this testimony from this man I felt goose bumps on my body! Wow praise Jesus! This is a big testimony for us.

When the man called me he also told me this, my heart started crying tears of joy. And I thank God that God gave him a blessing.


Today I met with 60 people at my House. They came from the village because the people to whom we had given the Bible a few days ago have gone and told them, because of which all those people came to meet me. They all came on train to Islamabad and afterwards walked on foot for 1 hour to come to me just for the Bibles. I have told them that we do not have bibles yet, but I have written the names of all those people in my list.

They were very happy to meet me and they wanted to talk with you too. They wanted to see that strange person who is helping for the Bible but it was too early in the morning for you. Then I showed your pictures to all those people and then all those 60 people extended their hand and prayed for you.


“I am thankful to the Bread of Life Ministry. You have brought us the Bible so that we can save our lives from sin. I am thankful to you brother.

We salute you all in the name of God. We are thankful to the Bread Life of Ministry team who have today distributed the Bible in (Morgaa) for us. We are very thankful to Brother Robert and his team. We didn’t have a Bible and it's a very big gift for us. God Bless you all.”


I received a call from a 40 year old woman who used to do a lot of dirty work having sex with people. But when I gifted her the Bible she promised me that I will not do any wrong thing again. After receiving a Bible she started praying three times a day and was daily telling me how that she had been released from her old life by prayer. Today I got a call and she gave me very nice beautiful testimony.

She said that “when I prayed at night, I saw a very shining face in my dream.” She had been married for 12 years and had no children. She said “that shining face put his hand over my belly at night and this morning when I got my ultrasound done I found out that I am pregnant!”

Her belief is that “Jesus Christ came to me in my dream and he touched me and God has given me the gift of a child.”


We got a call from a man who was saying that I do not read Urdu but my wife has been reading the Bible in Urdu that she received from you. She has been reading it to me and to our 7 year old daughter. That man told us “my wife has had a very high fever for the past 10 days and I was becoming very worried about her. I don't even have money to buy her medicine. But my daughter told me that ‘dad don't bother, our God is awesome! I will pray to God now and everything will be alright.’

The man said that “my daughter started praying with her little hand towards the sky and as she was praying my wife's face turned red. And when she finished praying and said Amen, her fever subsided.” She had pain in her neck which was also over.


I got a call today from a christian brother who told me that he had to pay someone back that he owed money too. Today the man he owed money to came to his door and abused him and insulted him a lot. He tried to tell this man that he is working very hard to pay him back but that I do not have any money right now, I will give you later. The man did not listen to him and started hitting the stone on his door demanding to be paid his money.

He then left him and said to him, I have to come in the evening and I want my money no matter what! The man was very upset. The Christian man then told me that he laid a cloth on the ground and he cried and cried in front of God. The man then returned back in the evening and knocked on his door and when he came out, he told him that I will not take any money from you. My heart has told me that i need to forgive you for the money i owe you.

People's faith has increased a lot and he wants that he will always be do to God works.


Very soon very very big changes come in our peoples life because of bibles and also with your help. You can't guess how much people are going crazy here for Bibles. I have never seen such change in Pakistan. When I have less bibles people go back empty-handed from the program, I feel very sad about this. But I have talked with this one person who received a Bible and she is very happy, she says “this gift is very important to us.” She was telling me that “I have never touched the Bible in my life because we didn't have a Bible.” She was holding my hand again and again and thanking me for this very big gift.


I got a call from a man today who told me that he and his family of seven people sees very strange and evil things at night when the read the Bible. What does this mean? I do not understand what I should answer him.

I (myself) asked him, “where are they reading in the Bible when they see these things?” He said, Exodus 23. So I turned to that chapter to see if i could see anything that stood out to me, and I read in verse 2,

“You shall not follow a multitude to do evil...”

I thought this might be of significance because the following day (August 1), millions of Muslims across the globe will celebrate one of their biggest religious festivals, Eid al-Fitr which commemorates Abraham’s willingness to offer his son as a sacrifice. Though they say it was Ishmael that Abraham was willing to offer up and not Isaac which the Bible clearly states. (See Genesis 22). Millions of animals will be slaughtered today across the globe and forgiveness sought. 😢

I mentioned to her that this may be a sign to not have anything to do with this sacrifice of the Muslims. “Do not follow a multitude to do evil”. It was Isaac, the child of promise, that Abraham was willing to offer up and not Ishmael. Furthermore, this was a foreshadowing of the Father offering up his only begotten Son for our sins, ending forever the sacrificial system.

This family said that they got scared when they saw something. “We started praying by laying cloth on the ground and looking up to the sky. It was very windy and when we finished our prayer we saw some people standing in white clothes all around us in the air from every side.”

She said, “It seems to me that when we pray God sends angels from the sky to set the limits of what evil men can do to us.”

She believes that because of the Bibles that are being given to the people, that “big change is going to happen in Pakistan.”

“I explained them very well last night that dirty work is going to happen from today till few days. You have to stay away from these things they are very evil And you have to strengthen your faith more and keep praying like this. When your faith is strong then nothing evil can touch you.”

“Those people are very happy with this message and they were saying, what we used to do two times before, now we will pray for three times.”